Frequently asked questions

Why do I need different recipes each month

Great question! We believe it's healthy to incorporate different types of fruits and veggies into your dog's diet. Plus, our dog's do get tired of eating the same thing day after day... wouldn't you? We don't recommend changing up the protien every month, however; studies have shown that doing this creates a healthier and stronger gut. With our guidance, you can learn to do this too.

Who creates the recipes?

We have a team of educated nutritionists that will make balanced recipes each month. You'll learn how to determine exactly how much your dog needs depending on their weight, age and activity. Our goal is to empower and educate you.

Do I have to talk to a nutritionists?

Not at all. Our group calls are a chance for you to learn or ask any questions that you have. Please note that these calls are not for the nutritionist to create completely new personalized recipes.

What if my dog has a specific disease or health condition?

You do have the opportunity to privately connect with our nutritionists at an incredibly discounted price. Typically, the cost to meet with a nutritionist and get a personlized plan outside of BetterPup is $100-$150. This is the market rate. We are here to make this more affordable.

Can I cancel anytime?


What if I don't have enough time?

That's the power of meal-prepping! We will also give you suggestions of what brands to buy as "backup" for when you go on trips, vacations or just simply run out and forget to make more. It happens.