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Dublin-based Nak Muay Fight Wear was established in 2018. Since then we have been supplying high quality martial arts equipment and clothing to fighters and enthusiasts worldwide.

We are are design-led operation – always aiming to bring eye-catching fashionable apparel into the world of martial arts.

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As well as producing our own brand of Nak Muay fight wear and equipment, we are also specialists in providing high quality, low cost custom gear to gyms and individuals worldwide.

We can put your name, club name or logo on everything from hand wraps and Muay Thai shorts to punch bags and boxing gloves.  We can process both large and small orders using high end material and the design-focused styles you would expect from a Nak Muay product.

Get in touch via our contacts page and we'll fill you in on the details. Find out more, here.


All our products are priced extremely competitively allowing club owners to keep their own prices low –  so they can make a good mark up when reselling to their students. Prices are dependent on order quantities.


Get in touch and we’ll send you a full price breakdown of all of our available items.

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